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Ah, the Jetovator. Of all the frivolous inventions over the past century, you might be the best. These hydro-power jetpacks and bikes have made for some fantastic YouTube videos, from that news anchor who crashes immediately upon take off to now, this real-life speeder bike chase from Star Wars.

In celebration of the release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, the team over at the Devin Super Tramp recreated one of the most famous scenes from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, the speed bike chase. And yet, they managed to bring it to the next level: They did it on water.

via Popular Mechanics

Using the Jetovator water bike, Devin Super Tramp and a team of adults and toddlers (playing the adorable Ewoks) recreated the whole speed bike chase on water. It’s actually pretty startling how close they come to topping the original and makes you wonder why they don’t make all those dang Star Wars movies on water. Why they could just call them Star Waters? Wait, that won’t do. Maybe Water Wars? I don’t know. We’re workshopping it.

Devin Super Tramp actually has a bunch of cool videos of real-life recreations of fantastical stuff, like “Pokémon GO meets PARKOUR in REAL LIFE!” Heh. They should just call that one “Parkour-man GO!” Right? We’re still workshopping that one too.