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villains Buffy the Vampire Slayer re-frames - 7140217856
Created by Amber_CM
wtf facts about the joker

18 Facts About the Joker That Prove He's the Most Evil Supervillain of Them All

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Suicide Squad Director Says He Had the Cast Fight Each Other in Rehearsal, and the Joker's Tattoos Were Inspired by Drug Lords on Instagram

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All The Villains!

marvel lego villains - 7836569088
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The Weapons of Heroes & Villains

heroes villains weapons - 6901148928
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You've Met Your Match

Fan Art star wars superheroes villains - 6303851264
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Sure Don't!

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Maybe We Can Set Up a Timeshare?

the great and powerful trixie villains tirek - 8357606656
Created by DeathByCupcakes

Nananananananana ... BatNails!

bane batman Harley Quinn joker nails Random Heroics Riddler villains - 6140620800
Created by Serrena ( Via nailasaurus )

Surely Someone Can Come Up With a Better Containment System?

movies villains - 7074839296
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comics DC jared leto joker superheroes Harley Quinn suicide squad villains will smith deadshot margot robbie - 857605

New High Quality Photos for Suicide Squad Have Been Released, and Jared Leto Looks So Much Like 52 Joker

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Harley Quinn Panel From a Comic Book Contest I Didn't Win

DC comics villains superheroes Harley Quinn - 8818760704
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Marvel Artist Who Has a Burning Hatred for Donald Trump Made a Ridiculous Supervillain Inspired by the Guy

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deathstroke cosplay DC villains superheroes Video win - 82699009

This Dude Made a Deathstroke Helmet Strong Enough to Take an Axe Hit

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Bat Party Pooper

villains catwoman dance party batman Harley Quinn - 7994205696
Created by Unknown

Holy Rogues Gallery, Batman!

DC comics villains batman - 7681183232
Created by Serrena ( Via dailydoseofcomics )
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