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Marcy Long's built herself quite the reputation as the Commonwealth's most hated character. Fallout fans just can't stand the chick, AND she was marked as an essential character, which made her impossible to kill in the game. This dude straight up fires her out of a junk mortar:

And then there's the whole bizarre tutorial of how to get rid of Marcy Long with a f**king Deathclaw:

Well the latest patch
to hit Fallout 4 changes all that. The list of fixes in the update includes actual bugs, but also this little weird tidbit:

  • Jun and Marcy Long are no longer essential after completing “Sanctuary”

My running theory here...Bethesda was all about fixing the players' collective disgust toward Marcy Long. The hate was too real. People took it as far as creating mods in Fallout 4, where you could manage to kill Marcy Long.

Anyways, the reactions so far seem to be pretty dang positive:

Via mattstaff
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If you're like me, you've gone out for an unwarranted walk to catch 'em all. Risking body, bone, and paycheck; with all worries to the wind because Dragonite might be cruising in on the next gust.

You dig up an excuse to go catch that impossible Golem, only to find out it's at least 1,000 miles away because the navigation was feeling like glitching out for a hot sec.

Then you head back out, brave the proud lone highway because there was a damn fiesta of Magikarps round the corner...and the only dude that actually has a Gyarados, also owes his mom about 7K in a combined purse of Honey BBQ Fritos, and that unfortunately not-extinct Mountain Dew Code Red.

BUT, then when you made the trek the server crashed, because why not inconvenience?

What are your worst stories when you made the journey, only to realize it was futile all along?