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At Least We've Already Got Season 3

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Seriously, Why Is No One talking About This?

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super smash bros mario memes

The Smash Bros Ultimate Release Is Inspiring Some Hot 'N' Spicy Memes And Reactions

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Twitter thread on danger of tech in gig economies | Frisco Uplink @_danilo After premiere Picard name checked Bruce Maddox, decided head back and watch Measure Man, TNG S2E09. And turns out Maddox is bit tech bro. Startling well this holds up three decades later. This kind guy is still problem. | Frisco Uplink @_danilo As refresher Measure Man TNG at its hammiest, most thought provoking best courtroom drama where fate Data hinges on question whether he is sentient being deserving call basic

Twitter Thread: Star Trek and the Inhumanity of Gig Economies

Imagine having a robot boss.
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Moffat What are You Doing, Moffat STAHP

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It All Makes So Much Sense!

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"NintendoAMovie" is the Greatest Hashtag to Hit Twitter in a Long Time

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J.K. Rowling Finally Puts to Bed Why Harry Named His Kid After Snape

harry potter tweets J.K. Rowling Puts to Bed Why Harry Named His Kid After Snape
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I Prefer The Grapes of Poliwrath

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Another Verse From the PokéBible

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Nintendo Buys Something for One Hundred Million Dollars

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Now That's Comedy!

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Mark Hamill: Master of the Force, Dad Jokes, and Twitter Trolling

mark hamill twitter dad joke
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Listen to the Man, He's Very Wise

uncle ben superheroes spider-man Listen to the Man, He's Very Wise
Via @ImUncleBen

J.K. Rowling's Retort to the Donald Trump/Voldemort Comparison is Genius

funny twitter image JK Rowling doesn't think Voldemort is as evil as Donald Trump
Via @jk_rowling
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