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The New Deer Hunter Looks Terrific!

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Everyone is Trolling Twilight

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By DJ_BR0N-3

Looks Like the New Update to Pokémon GO Will Be Great for Donald Trump's Self Esteem

image pokemon go fail Looks Like the New Update to Pokémon GO Will Be Great for Donald Trump's Self Esteem
Via microbehawk

The Cops Are Trolls

trolling grand theft auto v - 7853311744
By Unknown

Trolling the Shadowbolts

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By EierKoekNL

The Truth About Anti-Bronies

Chart graphscharts the truth trolling - 6483728128
By LightningBlast

Captain America Asks, 'Are You Sure You Made the Right Choice?..'

Via matthew-daddario

Trolling: HGSS Edition

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By Blue

A Brony Shows You How to Really Piss Us Off

fandoms Bronies trolling - 6646833152
By TomSFox (Via loldwell)

Classic: Problem Charizard?

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By TheGengar (Via kirbyonfire)

Definitely Worth Checking Out

Via lifeispokemon
trolling awesome dark souls video games video game logic dark souls 3 win - 80825345

Clever Guy Playing Dark Souls 3 Hides in Plain Sight from an Invader Better than a Bat in a Cave

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Just Like tombface.jpg

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By play_freebird

The More You Know

Spider-Man Superhero IRL Super-Lols trolling - 5541789440
By Unknown
Bronies my little pony trolling videos - 56917761

The Ponies Have Come to Call of Duty: Ghosts

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That One Troll Who Never Fails to Rope You Into Lifeless Conversation Whenever You Cross Paths

Via Knives on Static