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There's Nothing Worse Than Being a Dumb Nerd...

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By Unknown

Turns out N's Hair Makes for an Ideal Hiding Spot

Via pikachewy
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Under the Simpsons Dome

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Why Must They be Separate?!

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By Mamalugia

Hey Baby, Want to Get Together and Come Up Milhouse?

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By Unknown

Ay Caramba! Breaking Bad, Man!

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By Unknown

You and Me Both, Ralph

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By Unknown

She Was an NPC, It Was a Scripted Part of the Plot

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Bart Simpson Finds Out the Hard Way What Happens When You Stack Too Many Megaphones

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He's Death Incarnate

Via myfabulousness

Derpy's Hook

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By Unknown

When You Don't Want People to Know You Don't Really Get the Joke

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By tamaleknight

This is Your Mind on Ponies

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By Unknown

That's a Tasty Donut

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Via gstqfashions

Nothing Left to Do Here

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By Sephiroth1993
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Marge Simpson Might Be the Saddest Character on TV and the Creator of Bojack Horseman Has Proof

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