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The Lion King, Disney's ultimate classic. There will be many Disney movies made and remade, few can compare to the majesty of this movie. The only thing better could be that same movie making us clutch our sides with laughter. Make sure you Mufasa and don't miss hilarious lion king puns, memes, gifs and everything in between.


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Be Honest About the Lion King

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The King is in the Clouds

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Pride Rock is Real

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Imagine Being Treated to 'The Circle of Life' on Your Next Flight

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The Lion King Rocks!

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Be Prepared!

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Long Live the Porcelain Throne

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How I Feel at School Everyday

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I Can't Contain My Feels

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Scar's Real Name is Taka

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I Can Feel the Love Tonight

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A Mankey's Uncle

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When Pokémon Meets The Lion King

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Hakuna Matata Indeed

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Scar Knows That Feel, Bro

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