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Careful Who You Dress Up As

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Medieval Joker Armor

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Wanna Know Where I Got These Spells?

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Go Ahead, Tell Her You Hate Her Ear Fluff

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Do You Want To Kill The Batman?

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Jared Leto Is Already Creeping Us Out

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7 Times The Joker Was At His Worst

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Summer Approaches; Keep Your Mouths Safe

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Troy Baker Proves His Joker Bona Fides at NYCC

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A Different Side of The Page

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The Joker Leaves Me Feeling Salty

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His New Hour is Spectacular

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The Joker Might Make An Early Introduction in The Next Gotham

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I Have the Weirdest Batarang Right Now

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It's No Joke, I Want These Shoes

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movies played by good actors

Roles that Were Perfect For the Actor That Played Them

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