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Tetris Can Make Tedious Work a Sorta Fun Game

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Via Jim Benton

I Can Never Seem to Clear a Line

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Doors 2

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Russian Air Strike

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By tamaleknight
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The Only Stackable Tetris Lamp!

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I Always Lose

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In the Key of Pony

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Greg Always Had Problems Fitting In

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I Could Worship to This

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Aim for Its Weak Spot!

tetris button mash - 8994725376
Via Toonbat [NSFW]
PlayStation 4 tetris Video - 67287297

Ubisoft Keeps Digging Their Own Grave by Royally Messing Up Tetris on PS4. Yes, Tetris, the Game You Can Play Fine on a Calculator

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This Video Gave Me Cancer

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Video Game Character Regrets

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By Derp-a-derp (Via kate-n-bd)

Don't Make Pinkie Lose

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By kgbjunior