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Team Rocket

Sometimes That Show is Not as Good as I Remember It Being

team rocket sucks at disguises
Via shesellsseagulls

Magikarp Used Mush

pokemon memes magikarp water ski
Via venusaurvalley

Thaaat's Riiight!

Pokémon Team Rocket - 7698252544
Created by Houndoom-Kaboom

How You Become a Member of Team Rocket

Team Rocket zubat - 8295240192
Via albinosamosa

Blasting Off Again

Meowth Pokémon Team Rocket Memes - 6991953152
Created by Unknown

It Was So Hard Battling Those Rattata

condescending wonka gameplay meme Team Rocket - 5976125952
Created by Leo_Trisham

Surrender Now Or Prepare To Fight!

Team Rocket cosplay IRL - 8465463808
Created by YakuzaDuragon

Team Rocket

Pokémon Team Rocket - 9023099136
Via OneBigPotato

Team Rocket Has Been Blacklisted

Pokémon Team Rocket gifs - 7863715072
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Is That Team Rocket?

anime cant tell disguises Team Rocket tv-movies - 6188576768
Created by Unknown

This Guy Blacklisted Us?! Arceus Dammit!

arceus Pokémon Team Rocket - 7906233600
Created by Unknown

Meanwhile in the Netherlands...

cosplay IRL Team Rocket - 6544783616
Created by ladyrammie

The Perfect Disguise

pokemon memes team rocket disguise
Via rewatchingpokemon

Surrender Now or Prepare to AHHHHHHHH!!!

gifs Team Rocket tv-movies - 5303664640
Created by Unknown

Here's Something That Will Mess With You...

Pokémon Team Rocket - 8093655808
Created by Unknown

Not Pictured: Blasting Off Again

pikachu Team Rocket - 4871918592
Created by SaraHUH
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