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Your Favorite Disney Characers Are The Doctor's Newest Companions

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This Is Why We Have Rearview Mirrors

gallifrey tardis 12th Doctor - 8379995904
Via smart-magpie

My Tardis Birthday Cake

cake tardis doctor who - 6701962240

Is That What Those are For?

gifs 10th doctor tardis - 7649195520
By Unknown

Dinosaurs on a Space Cake

cake dinosaurs doctor who tardis - 6611618816
Via Neatorama


tshirts tardis - 8437234176
Via TeeTurtle

Yo Dawg, I Heard You Liked the Tardis

bbc doctor who Fan Art tardis - 5536152064
Via jenarwen

Time and Welative Dawmention in Space

gifs tardis cute doctor who - 7732571648
By Origami_Heart

Always Use Protection When Making Fish Fingers and Custard

tardis for sale doctor who - 7823104000
Via Etsy

I'd Gladly Be the Girl Who Waited

companion doctor who Fan Art tardis Valentines day Whoniverse - 5838768896
By Unknown

Doctor D'Awwwwww

gifs tardis doctor who - 7013922304
By wcclark

It's Hollow-er on the Inside

jack o lanterns tardis doctor who pumpkins - 6721246208
By Unknown

Man Builds TARDIS Control Panel In His Living Room

tardis doctor who crafts - 8320271360
Via crazyfoalrus

The Perks of Being a Doctor Who Companion

Captain Jack Harkness tardis john barrowman - 8105151232
Via veecubb


scifi tardis doctor who bbc - 6866273536
By SurfinBird19 (Via BBC One)

Also Find a Companion Who Can Cook

tardis 11th Doctor doctor who - 7855635456
By AngelAndz (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)
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