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25 of the Most WTF Excerpts From Super Smash Bros. Fanfiction

These are from the blog Super Smash Brothers Fanfiction, which takes the most bizarre excerpts and shares them so we can all collectively lose our faith in humanity.


Pit: "Goddess Palutena, there are curse words and naughty bits in this post!"

Palutena: "You have more things to worry about than profanity!" toots

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one flaming kirby
Via Kotaku
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Via Kotaku: 

The “Fire Kirby” exploit was first found by Swedish Smash player Enis Al-Maatooq, the guy who previously discovered a nifty and highly technical way to reduce character lag in the latestSmash Bros. He told me that he poked around with Fire Kirby to see if the exploit had any similarly game-changing consequences, but didn’t find any...yet.

Here's a how-to on the exploit: