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Mario Has Triumphed...

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If Mario Was Transported to the Pokémon World, Would He Be Able to Catch 'Em All?

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Check Out These Classic Nintendo Titles as Pulp Fiction Novels

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Your Princess is Not Worth Saving

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Video Game Coverage world record video games Super Mario bros Video - 79494657

Super Mario Bros. Speedrunner Sets New Record for Competing Game

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Chain Chomp in LEGO

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Team of MIT Computer Scientists Conduct Study That Proves Super Mario Bros. Can Be as Hard as Solving Complex Math Problems

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Super Mario Bros. Z

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New York Farm Creates Spot-On Super Mario Bros. Corn Maze

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Game of Thrones Meets Mario

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He Finally Found the Right Castle

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It's a Me, Drunkio!

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Mario Wolfs Down a Magic Mushroom, and Puts on a Massive Display at a Grocery Store

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Today in Things You Didn't Know You Wanted: Sexy Shy Guy Cosplay

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Which Set of Siblings Would You Like to See in a GoT/Mario Bros Crossover?

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Dog Groomed and Dyed To Look Like Weird Mario Acid Trip

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