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This is By Far the Cutest BB-8 Cosplay in the Galaxy

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If You're Looking for a Serious DIY Project, You Could Build a Real, Life Size BB-8

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Honor the Fallen With Star Wars as the Films Sing 'Stayin Alive'

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Star Wars VII on a Budget is Still Better Than the Prequels

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Even Andy Serkis Didn't Know What His Star Wars VII Character Looked Like During Filming

star wars news andy serkis didnt know what snoke looked like
Via EW

True Betrayal

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Created by Squid_man
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Someone Re-Cut the Star Wars VII Trailers Into What May be Their Chronological Order

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The Force Awakens - Extended Home Trailer

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Han Solo Was a Terrible Single Father

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Via SingleSolo12
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Looks Like John Boyega is as Big a Dork as the Rest of Us

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Destiny Awaits, Luke

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Created by Unknown

The Title Shows Little Promise

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We Don't Talk About That

star wars memes its all true greedo

Daniel Craig Has a Cameo in Star Wars, and Simon Pegg Accidentally Revealed What It Is

geek memes star wars vii daniel craig cameo
Via The Washington Post

Star Wars: Episode VII - Long Cat Awakens

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Created by AlexanderTheGamer

Can We Lay Off Kylo Ren?

star wars kylo ren not a crybaby
Via Star Wars Rocks My World