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Funny memes about Star Wars | The Mandalorian can't wait hear Baby Yoda's second word, and then his first word. | So wrong with my car? Dad radiator's leaking pretending know he's talking about: Ah yes radiator. General Grievous

Seventeen Star Wars Memes For Prequel And Sequel Fans Alike

We'll never get tired of Star Wars memes.
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Funny memes and moments from 'Doctor Who' | Donna is Italian word lady, Temple derives Latin word tempus meaning time, and Noble is another word lord. String them together and get Lady Time Lord

Sixteen Of Our Favorite 'Doctor Who' Moments

Some memes and moments for the Whovians!
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Funny memes and moments from the TV show 'Doctor Who'

Fifteen 'Doctor Who' Memes And Moments For The Hardcore Whovians

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introducing a New Unit of Distance

drinking scifi booze - 8762689792
Created by wiscwisc ( Via consolia-comic )

She's Gotta be a Skywalker

star wars memes rey skywalker confirmation three buns

Screw or Do Not There is No Hammer

scifi star wars seems legit - 8759291648
Created by Unknown
scifi Star Trek science - 78651137

The Trouble with Trib-I Mean Transporters

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Music scifi star wars darth vader - 78375169

The Imperial March in a Major Key is Full of Pep and Hope

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It Always Comes Down to This

Star Trek scifi - 8753097728
Created by Hey.Dr.Nick
Video JJ Abrams scifi - 78347009

JJ Abrams, Fixer of Your Favorite Franchises

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I Just Wanted to Go to Tashi Station

scifi star wars luke skywalker - 8751736320
Created by jonvandal ( Via johnyandall )
scifi star wars star wars vii - 77981697

10 Details You May Have Missed in Star Wars VII

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The Evolution of Star Wars Posters

scifi star wars movies infographic - 8607842816
Created by JudyThompson ( Via smartpaperhelp )
star wars Video scifi - 77561857

Watch This and You'll Never Have to Sit Through the Prequels Again

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Breaking News: Han Solo is a Terrible Shot

star wars blaster shot infographic han terrible shot
Via TroelsHundtofte

A Star Wars Guide to Politics, No Matter Your Party Affiliation

star wars politics guide
Via Keane Li
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