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Funny dank memes about prehistory, dinosaurs, early humans | Kid 10,000 B.C.E starter pack Obsessed with Cavenite my dad has fire and he will kill always wearing smilodon fur does cavenite dances public either named Grug, Marduk, or Unga uses laughing crying hieroglyphic all time plays rorocks uses sumerian slurs on Xrocks Live mom devolved lol drum on haters XD illustration dinosaurs: born wrong generation

Fifteen Dank Prehistoric Memes For The Science Geeks

Ooga booga
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Discord is A Big Fan of Newton's Second Law

discord science - 8079894272
By manofwar93
wtf science controllers Video Video Game Coverage - 56719361

Ever Wanted to Play Games With Your Butt?

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ant man science - 74469889

Ant-Man's Destructive Power Finally Revealed

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Derp Science

gifs derpy hooves science - 8570642432
By Derp-a-derp

I'd Need To Take a 15 Minute Break For Justice

batman science martian manhunter superman - 8040481536
By Unknown

This is How Twilight Drops the Base

twilight sparkle drop the bass science - 7688976128
By SageZenol


costume halloween science - 5360205824

Stand by for Memory Erasers

scifi men in black science - 8344861696
By ShrugsMcMeh

Can't Grasp the Fast

science rainbow rainbow dash - 8547491328
By maorows (Via pastelmistress)
science engineering smart memes

50 Scientifically Cerebral Memes Sure to Cause Increased Cognitive Function

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David Tennant science Video - 76127489

David Tennant Explains the Theory of Relativity

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Thor mjolnir science - 59536897

Mjolnir Is The Earth's Greatest Threat

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Remember Kids, You CAN Breathe in Space

power rangers science space - 6995232768
By Kouichi


eugene science - 8377818624
Via TWDMemesOfficial
Funny science pick-up lines

Science Pick-up Lines Perfect For Some Geeky Flirting

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