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How I Feel Being on My School's Math Team

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By jtcaseley1

Training for the Math Gym

pokemon memes student used study

Sound Life Advice

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[Praying They Don't Back Up Intensifies]

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By Mamalugia

Is This Where Literature's Headed?

Via cameronohara
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Attack on Textbooks

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So, I Found This at My School...

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By Mr.Crazy_45

Every Single Time

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By darkcruzman

My School Sucks...

Pokémon school confused - 6871377408
By bladesofwoe

Surprise, Surprise: You Can't Survive Those Leaps Into Haystacks

video game news assassins creed haystacks full of lies
Via Falling Into Straw

Next Time You Know the Answer at School, Why Not Volunteer?

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By Unknown

What They Should Be Teaching in Schools

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By Gladiuskonair

How to Pass a Test Without Studying

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Your Teacher Hates You

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This Kid Killed This Pokémon Related Question

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I Wish My High School Boyfriend Was as Hunky as Hercules

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