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Hoo Boy.

batman hilarious japanese entertainment Saturday Morning Cartoons scary - 4849879552
Via nothingislinear

Too Many Sweets

gifs pinkie pie scary the internets - 6263837696
Created by -DoABarrelRoll-
halloween luna luna eclipsed nightmare night pinkie pie scary season 2 Sneak Peek spoilers Video - 27808769

SPOILERS: Nightmare Night

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What. Thee. Hell.

clefable gengar Memes scary - 5823311104
Created by TheTheoryofCreepypasta

Call Up Iron Will

comic comics fluttershy iron will scary - 6019896320
Created by Jvaughanj

No Sleep Tonight

scary gifs gengar nightmares - 6984032000
Via TumblingWithStyle

The Elements of Compliance

ponies scary - 5393601536
Created by Unknown

Holy Crap, RUN!!!

scary TCG Ampharos rayquaza - 6980811264
scary trixie evil Sneak Peek Video - 45126145

My Little Pony Season 3 Episode 5 Magical Duel EXCLUSIVE Clip

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By Far the Creepiest Description of Sixth Gen So Far

scary wtf inkay descriptions - 7655168512
Created by TateGaming

Poor Pikachu

pikachu Sad scary IRL - 6654869760
Created by jtcaseley1

Save Me...

omg scary wtf yamask - 6591628800
Created by Unknown

Worse Than Slender

scary pokedex slender - 6735034368
Created by Chafuter ( Via Click Here for the Full Image )

Robin Always Sees The Worst The Internet Has to Offer

batman internet robin scary Super-Lols - 4893795584
See all captions Created by MeGustaMiRaggae

Gardevoir is Tired of the Rule 34

scary Pokémon creepypasta gardevoir - 7620531968
Created by Bubbleninjask ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )


scary The Walking Dead zombie - 5430175232
Created by bazzinger01