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Speaking From Experience

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Too Many Tears

reviews ORAS too much water IGN - 8385470720
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IGN Reviews Other Pokémon Games

reviews Pokémon IGN - 8380879360
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IGN's Review of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Leaves a Lot to Be Desired

reviews super smash bros IGN - 8381364480

According to IGN, ORAS is Bad Because of TOO MUCH WATER

reviews ORAS gaming too much water IGN - 8380704512

The Perfect BioShock 2 Review

reviews steam - 8323314688
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I'll Turtle Shell Your Lights Out

Mario Kart reviews mario kart 8 luigi death stare - 8258768896
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This Steam Review for Dark Souls Has Never Been More Accurate

dark souls funny reviews steam - 8257668096
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Nailed It

reviews far cry 3 - 8252257280
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Best "Duke Nukem Forever" Review

reviews steam - 8185357312
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Twitter fight between Dan Stapleton and Angry YouTuber

Both Parties Look Ridiculous When IGN Reviews Editor Dan Stapleton Calls Out YouTuber Angry Joe on Twitter

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JB Hi-Fi's Video Game Reviews Are Better Than Published Reviews

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Once A Browncoat, Always a Browncoat

reviews DVD addiction Firefly - 7958518528
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Ever Wanted to Know What Other Steam Users Thought Before You Bought?

news reviews valve steam Video Game Coverage - 7923925504
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Ruh-Roh! Reviewers Are Saying While PlayStation 4 is Native 1080p it Also Drops in Framerate and Xbox One Doesn't

reviews PlayStation 4 gifs xbox one Video Game Coverage - 7899233792
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Apparently Pokémon Y is Better Than Pokémon X

reviews pokemon x/y - 7859726336
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