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Sad christmas FAIL reactions - 1287173

If There's One Thing Christmas 2016 Taught Us, It's That People Still Are Not Okay With Mufasa's Death

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Pokémon internet pokemon sun and moon reactions - 867333

The Internet Has No Love for Pokémon Sun and Moon's Newest Pokémon 'Bewear'

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twitter FAIL Video Game Coverage reactions video games nintendo - 1134341

Nintendo is Feeling the Heat From Twitter Right Now After Failing to Meet Demand for NES Classic Edition

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Jon Snow twitter Game of Thrones reactions kit harington - 814853

Kit Harington Shaved His Beard Again and the Internet Is Not Happy About It

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Pokémon internet pokemon sun and moon reactions funny - 879365

Here Are Some the Best Reactions to Pokémon Sun and Moon's Hilarious New Exeggutor

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star wars reactions Video - 77295617

Watch This Kid Find Out Who Luke Skywalker's Dad Is for the First Time

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[Screaming Internally]

anime reactions angry funny - 8821508864
Created by tamaleknight
Funny Twitter memes and reactions about the price of Apple's new Mac Pro

Apple Releases Its $50,000 Mac Pro, The Internet Reacts

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Mixed Reactions

family guy reactions double rainboom - 7238192640
Created by Dxthegod
Pokémon twitter FAIL Video Game Coverage reactions glitches video games - 1173765

People Are Finding and Sharing Some Pretty Ridiculous Glitches in Pokémon Sun and Moon

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Video Game Coverage reactions video games funny - 1042693

Rockstar Games Teased the Next Red Dead Redemption Game, and the Fans Are Reacting with Some Comedy Gold

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christmas virtual reality technology reactions video games Video - 1287685

Watching All These First Time VR Users Open Their Gifts and Set Foot Into a New Reality Is the Gift That Keeps on Giving

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Pinkamena Diane Pie? She's Sane Compared to Twilight!!!

best of week comics pinkamena pinkie pie reactions twilight sparkle - 5314997760
Created by Brony4lyfe

Frog Dissection

best of week comic comics mane six rainbow dash reactions - 5339105536
Created by SirKilmoreRyan
Sad disney movies reactions pixar - 1175557

Gritty Cars 3 Trailer Debuts and Everyone On Twitter Is Crying Their Eyes Out Right Now

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reactions glitches video games funny - 1218053

Players Are Sharing Their Hilarious Encounters with Final Fantasy XV Glitches, and They're Too Good

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