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To All the Haters

gifs anime reaction gifs - 8437590784
By shoey11

When Senpai Finally Noticed Me

anime gifs reaction gifs - 8240168704
By jinrex015

Me, Every Morning

Jake the dog gifs reaction gifs adventure time - 6769847040
By Unknown

Classic Spit-Take

gifs anime reaction gifs cross ange - 8469310976
By tamaleknight

Bless This Average Social Interaction

anime gifs watamote spoke normally
Via yuukimikan

This is How I'm Going to Spend the Day After Thanksgiving

gifs reaction gifs cartoons adventure time - 7910192896
By Unknown

Nothing to Do Here

anime gifs nothing to do here
Via satsumagiraffe

What Kind of Monster Bites a Lollipop?

cartoons gifs reaction gifs - 8228411904

When a Friend Says They Don't Really Like Sherlock

bbc gifs Sherlock reaction gifs - 6619058432
By Unknown

You are so Beautiful to Me

gifs reaction gifs cartoons adventure time - 8286700032

When You Don't Want People to Know You Don't Really Get the Joke

gifs reaction gifs cartoons the simpsons - 8313040384
By tamaleknight

An Actual Representation of Someone Entering a Fandom

family guy reaction gifs - 6667162112
By Unknown

Not My OTP!

no face feels gifs reaction gifs spirited away - 6795459072
By Unknown

When I Remember There's a New Episode of My Fav Show Tonight

gifs reaction gifs The Little Mermaid - 6547877632
By Unknown

Dat Bicep

cartoons gifs dreamworks reaction gifs how to train your dragon 2 - 8228353280

My Reaction to Accidentally Finding Spoilers

gifs anime reaction gifs - 8283019776
By Unknown
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