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'Ariel if she brings her father's trident': Disney princesses ranked by their Mortal Kombat capabilities

Elsa is basically already Sub Zero
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MLP rapunzel - 63096065

Rapunzel Meets My Little Pony

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How Many Seats Does Your Hair Take Up?

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Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let Down Your Fondant

cake tangled rapunzel noms - 7567035904
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What Disney Princesses Would Look Like as Jedis and Siths

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Star Wars Princesses

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ROFLrazzi: Awkward Embrace is Awkward

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Don't You Do It!

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I'd totally climb that tower

Fan Art rapunzel - 5742019328
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Her Hair Was Never Tangled

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Kim Kardashian, Is That You?

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That Hair Must Weigh a Ton!

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