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Just This Once, Everybody's Cute

r2d2 are you my mummy daleks - 8406241792
Via DoctorWhoFanz_


r2d2 Steampunk star wars - 6864603648
Created by Nobody- ( Via Amoebabloke )


r2d2 star wars - 6994201856
Created by Unknown

We Wish You a Nerdy Christmas

best of week christmas tree Fan Art fandom gandalf Memes pokeball r2d2 tree - 5573271808
Via Depressed Turnip

It'll Really Mess With Your Motivator

r2d2 star wars meth - 6906513152
Created by Unknown

Your Favorite Astromech Buddy, Now a Bag!

Via Laughing Squid

George Lucas Issues Statement Paying Tribute to Late R2-D2 Actor, Kenny Baker


A Geeky New Take on the Pregnancy Photoshoot

r2d2 geek star wars parenting pregnant g rated - 8433505792
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Who Better To Look Into Space?

r2d2 prank - 7892074496
Created by Unknown

Le Beep

r2d2 scifi star wars Fan Art - 7064731136
Via Wytrab8

Episode 7 Has a Crossover Twist

r2d2 daleks - 8293940992
Via Doctor Who Fans

Ceci N’est Pas Un Androïde

r2d2 star wars for sale - 7692627456
Created by Iconiscence ( Via Red Bubble )

You've Had Too Much Cleaning Fluid

go home you're drunk r2d2 star wars - 7807103744
Created by Unknown

This R2 Unit is Equipped to Bring You a Cold One

geek memes star wars r2r2 refrigerator
Via ITmedia

Steam Wars

best of week C3PO Fan Art r2d2 star wars - 5543327744
Created by ThisIsAMeme
destruction dovahkiin fus ro dah Grand Theft Auto mod r2d2 star wars Video video games - 38111233

This is Definitely the Mod You Were Looking For

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