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professor layton

Sword-Fighting Made Easy

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By muppetpuppet

Cruel Luke is Cruel

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By Novem_Vulpes

Claire: Witness Your Unwound Future

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By muppetpuppet

The Masked Gentleman

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By muppetpuppet

Layton so Far

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By TopHattedTime

I Can't Say Goodbye Again

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By muppetpuppet

Professor Twilight Teaches Me How To Be A Gentleman

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By DJNightmar3 (Via djnightmar3)

Anton Vs Layton

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By st_vannuys (Via ForeverForTomorrowProjects)

Nick Just Wants Hugs

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By muppetpuppet
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Professor LaytonShy

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Illegal time traveler

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By muppetpuppet (Via Nene203)