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22 Princess Peach Memes Proving She’s Winning With or Without Mario

Princess Peach is adored by Mario, but she'll always be just fine – regardless of his presence.
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Looks Like It's a Date!

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Created by Qwertzuy ( Via )

Didn't Even Slow Her Down

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Created by Travis_Touchdown

Pinup Peach

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Via la-esmeralda

Peach Should Get a New Final Smash Where She Jumps on Your Character and You Are Destroyed by Whatever is Lurking in That Black Void

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Via @syuga_pad

Unusual Neighbor

Fan Art princess peach bowser my neighbor totoro - 8288019712
Via ziude

These Nintendo Princesses Could Star in Disney Movies of Their Own

nintendo Fan Art princess peach zelda - 8092142080
Via DisneyJAM

Peach Syrup

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Created by Studiotamago ( Via StudioTamago )

Princess Peach Doesn't Need Saving

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Created by meganeguard ( Via Natasha Allegri )

No One Understands How Hard Being a Princess Can Be

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Created by SingleHelix ( Via johnjoseco )

Battle Royal

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Via eloraborealis

She Doesn't Look Like She Needs Rescuing

cosplay princess peach Steampunk Super Mario bros video games - 6140245248
Created by zero00430 ( Via xsKiRtZx )

She Can Save Herself

Fan Art mario nintendo princess peach video games - 6021206784

Damn Peach, You Scary

princess peach video games - 5839373824
Via twilit-arawen

Terribly Sinister

bowser Fan Art princess peach video games - 5773137920

As If You Needed Another Reason to Hate Princess Peach

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Via Geekologie