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The president. The head honcho, the big boss. The man in the high castle. Wherever or whoever it is, the president of anything is a striking figure. So lets joke a bit about them and bring them back down to Earth.

Forget That Bowser Fellow

cute Fan Art mario president video games - 5771119616
Created by Unknown

Get in the Ball, Bush!

gifs poke ball president - 5006636800
Created by jakrummy

The President? Ha!

I'll just battle the pres pokemon trainer president the internets would you rather - 6549694720
Created by Agent Spike

Vote Starlight Glimmer for President 2016

Via Starlight Glimmer 2016

The People Have Spoken

Pokémon president - 8279941120
Via You Rather

Economy In the Toilet? Watch Ponies

barack obama pony president - 5057574144
Created by lolllll117
unpresidential tweets from president Trump

16 Times Donald Trump's Twitter Game Was Crazily Unpresidented

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A Dark (Knight) Conspiracy!

president the dark knight - 6745278720
Created by Volknerbruno

A Candidate I Can Get Behind

deadpool president politics - 6710980352
Created by hachan

Take Notes Folks

bulbasaur comic pikachu president - 6291403520
Created by TheFifth
bill clinton president Video - 23563521

Bill Clinton Plays Ponies

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He's Got My Vote

deadpool president He's Got My Vote
Via daily-superheroes
president election darth vader - 59700737

The Dark Lord is Running for President of Ukraine

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Aw! It Appeared to Be Caught!

IRL pikachu poke ball president - 5416316672
Created by Unknown

Presidential Brony

bill clinton president - 6526654208
Created by AnkamaraWolf

Decision 2012

trixie obama president - 6743865856
Created by DJNightmar3
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