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Figured Out the Sun and Moon Villains

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The Internet Has No Love for Pokémon Sun and Moon's Newest Pokémon 'Bewear'

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Pokemon Monsoon Confirmed

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Rowlet Master Race

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Sun & Moon Hype!

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This Artist's Awesome Pokémon Fusions Deserve a Game of Their Own

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When the New Pokémon Game Is Based on Hawaii and You're Like...

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The Franchise is Mooned!

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Exeggutor is Flexible!

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The Internet Reacts to Pokémon Sun and Moon's New Ultra Beasts in Hilarious Fashion

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May the Whining Begin

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Soaring Expectations Buttin' Heads with an Inevitable Anticlimactic Reality

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Guess Hailing From the Kanto Region is Some Real Heavy News

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Moon's Legendary Revealed

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That New Pokémon Stufful Tho...

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