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18 Memes & Pics That'll Trigger All You 90's Kids

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Dat Nostalgia

link cables meme Memes nostalgia - 6391066112
By Unknown

The Good Ol' Days

art nostalgia link cables - 7104388096
Via Ry-Spirit

Look How Much Pokémon Have Grown

Pokémon nostalgia comics charmander - 7763858944
Via byronb

It Still Burns

Pokémon anime nostalgia charmander - 7832709632
By Sosuke

Rage Comics: Pokémon Is ALWAYS That Good

childhood master me gusta nostalgia rage - 4951755520
By the.punisher

This is Still Challenging!

rage Pokémon nostalgia lt-surge puzzles gyms funny - 7428576256
By LazzieS

I Wish Pikachu Was Holding a Gameboy

gameboy nostalgia pikachu the best - 4953153792

We've Come a Long Way

Pokémon nostalgia - 7830009600
By Unknown
playstation Video Game Coverage nostalgia xbox video games nintendo - 942853

In Honor of National Video Games Day, Here's a Whole Bunch of Statuses from Some of Our Favorite Studios and Characters

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They Grow Up So Fast

best of week childhood comic nostalgia Pokémemes Sad squirtle - 5783669504
By Unknown

Only Almost Everyone Will Remember This

controllers playstation nostalgia - 8341852672
Pokémon magikarp nostalgia - 108806

Never Forget When James Caught His First Magikarp!

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nostalgic items for some 90's kids memes that will take you back to a simpler time

Only Kids From The 90’s Will Understand These Hilarious Memes

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Deal With It, Genwunners

gen VI gifs genwunners nostalgia mewtwo - 7283695104
By LJPhil

You're the Only One I Need

art cute gameboy nostalgia old school pikachu Valentines day - 5833927424
By Unknown