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Dat Nostalgia

link cables meme Memes nostalgia - 6391066112
Created by Unknown

Bring Your Link Cable

kids link cable nostalgia the internets trainers - 6217197056
See all captions Created by Unknown

My Pockets Are Filled With Nostalgic Gold

IRL nintendo nostalgia oh god - 6202684160
Created by Unknown

Pikachu Should Not Be Held Captive

nostalgia pikachu toys toys-games - 6120403712

The Way to Rule the Schoolyard

childhood nostalgia Pokémon toys toys-games - 5981015296
Created by BaconDOrian

Forever Trading

forever alone gameboy link cable Memes nostalgia Sad - 5955289088
Created by Arpaleggia

Happy 16th Anniversary, Pokémon!

anniversary best of week Japan nostalgia Pokémon red toys-games - 5902226688
Created by Unknown

Enter the Mewtwo

awesome cave gameplay mewtwo nostalgia Pokémemes - 5836141824

You're the Only One I Need

art cute gameboy nostalgia old school pikachu Valentines day - 5833927424
Created by Unknown

Gotta Nostalgia 'Em All

best of week growing up Memes nostalgia - 5829041920
Created by NickHann

Oh, the Childhood Memories

childhood comics daring do nostalgia - 5794518784
Created by burntfish123

Old Meets New

art ds gameboy handhelds nostalgia pikachu Pokémon - 5797184512
Created by Unknown

They Grow Up So Fast

best of week childhood comic nostalgia Pokémemes Sad squirtle - 5783669504
Created by Unknown

When Did This Become Hotter...

anime ash hat meme Memes nostalgia - 5783508736
Created by Unknown

Forever First Generation

best of week evolving genwunners Memes nostalgia red and blue - 5706598656
Created by Tigas2408

The Start of Something New

best of week first gen gameplay journey nostalgia - 5645724928
Created by Unknown