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This Explains a Lot About One Piece

bleach anime naruto one piece - 7813306112
Created by butterflyperception

I just combined all your favorite thinigs. Ready for you Pokemon SuMo!!!!

naruto Pokémon sailor moon - 8990685184
Via kyraichu

28 Episodes of Filler Just to Go to a Flashback Filler Arc Filled With Animation Errors

anime naruto - 8758213120
Created by Astrian

Ponyo Meets Naruto

anime naruto Fan Art ponyo - 8228359168
Via ahrise

Angry Kakashi is Angry

anime naruto - 8373004544
Created by TehKrazyKreeper

Zetsu Problems

anime naruto - 8421485056
Created by memefield

I've Seen Enough Episodes of Naruto to be Prepared for This

chunin exams at school
Via metaru-lee

When My Annoying Friend Comes Over

anime gifs naruto reaction gifs - 6616360192
Created by Unknown

Dat Hair

naruto tumblr hair - 6579275008
Via asksasunaru

Can't Tell If Trolling or Trying to Start a Fight

bleach anime naruto - 8434477056
Via Yahoo Answers

I Have Given All I Can to You People

anime memes naruto creator let me rest
Via bakabt

Spider-Man no Jutsu

crossover anime naruto Spider-Man - 7655109888
Created by memefield


gif of a panel from manga naruto: sasuke your brother was truly amazing... puts a shinobi like me to shame really
Via bassun

Haku Is the Definition of Masculinity

anime naruto - 7888672256
Created by Poohee17

Narutards or Moonies?

crossover Fan Art sailor moon naruto - 8416704512
Via molnja

Notice Me Senpai!

anime naruto - 8504057856
Created by Alanliu
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