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Muppets 4 Life

Memes muppets thug life - 6602738432
Created by davedesign

They'd Make Wonderful Companions

cosplay crossover doctor who muppets - 6243585024
Created by hipster215


Aliens muppets Super Costume super girl - 5312566272
Created by Alexwin

I Knew Henson Did Star Wars, But I Didn't Know It Went This Deep

muppets cosplay star wars stormtrooper - 7782301952
Created by Unknown

Beaker to the Wrescue!

beaker gifs It Came From the Interwebz muppets wrestling - 5390136320
Created by Unknown

Mad Max: Muppet Road

Animal stars as Mad Max in Muppet Road.
Via JoopaDoops
disney Video muppets trailers - 56380161

This Trailer for Muppets Most Wanted is Surprisingly Compelling

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superpowers muppets quicksilver avengers - 70097921

The Muppets Help Vsauce Determine Why Quicksilver Is The Worst Avengers

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Storm Troopers are Animals

stormtrooper muppets cosplay - 6649933312
Created by deathwish01b
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