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Snake Eater

crossover monster musume metal gear solid - 8575868160
Created by Luchabro ( Via christinaisdrawing )

It's The Only Way

metal gear solid Scootaloo balloon - 8565776896
Created by maxthedralf
interview metal gear solid Video voice actors troy baker Video Game Coverage - 69957889

Troy Baker Interview - Some Metal Gear Hints and Kiefer Sutherland Talk

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This about Sums up the Metal Gear Survive Feels

Via Rizbiz99
discord metal gear solid - 71117313

Metal Gear Discord

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If You Lived in Japan, You Could be Getting This Sweet Special Edition PS4

metal gear solid PlayStation 4 Video Game Coverage - 8068454912

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Will be Released World Wide on September 1

video game news metal gear solid v phantom pain release date
Via NeoGAF

Can Love Bloom on a Battlefield?

spike metal gear solid comics rarity snake - 7345604608
Created by wcclark ( Via Ciriliko )
metal gear solid Video Game Coverage video games win - 80188161

Amputee Gamer Gets Prosthetic Arm Inspired by Metal Gear Solid With Charger, Drone, and Interactive Screen

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Diamond Detector Go, Snake Needs More GMP

Via kimi-the-sioux

Discord? Discord? Diiiiiiiscoooooord!

discord metal gear solid box - 8494839296
Created by davideburjerac

Metal Gear Pokémon

Pokémon art metal gear solid video games - 7245201152
Via arkeis-pokemon
metal gear solid V dogs metal gear solid gifs - 80390

In Case You Weren't Already Sold on Metal Gear Solid V

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metal gear solid prosthetic video games IRL video games Video win - 80651009

Square Enix Partners with Acclaimed Prosthetics Creator 'Open Bionics' to Create Version of Prosthetic Hand Adam Jensen Uses in Deus Ex

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Good Guy Konami is Building One Fan a Snake-Inspired Prosthetic Arm

video game news konami developing limb for fan
Via Konami

Snake! Snake! Snaaaaake!

discord metal gear solid reference - 8494143232
Created by SvenChamby
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