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Commander Shepard's Only Weakness

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New Mass Effect Teaser Images

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Get Caught Up on Mass Effect Lore in Just One Minute

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The Shepard Siblings

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Keelah se'lai Doctor

cosplay mass effect doctor who - 7625003776
Created by trustmei'madoctor

Let Me be Your Siha

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Caprica EDI

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Created by LANeira

What Really Happened in the Season Finale...

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Created by Tollwut

Paragon Points Here ah Come!

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Created by Hakar ( Via Hakar-Kerarmor )

Our Favorite Spot on the Citadel

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Hard Light Ocular Constructs

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Created by MagicoAlverman ( Via Three Panel Soul )

Happy FemSheps

PAX cosplay femshep video games mass effect - 6568876032
Created by Arwen_Doll ( Via N8ZimPhotography )

Mass Relay

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Created by mralig1

Video Games: Liara T'soni - Mass Effect

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Created by hawede

Sniper Buddies

cosplay femshep legion mass effect video games - 6568872192
Created by Arwen_Doll

This Cosplay Definitely Has a Soul

cosplay legion mass effect video games - 6554844672
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