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Spider-Man helmet mask - 6448177408
By Alexwin

This Is Rorschach on Drugs...

drugs gifs mask rorschach Saturday Morning Cartoons wtf - 5332826112


Awesome Art batman joke mask superman - 6213959424
By Rus_Moore

Because Animators are Lazy

animation lazy mask Spider-Man Super-Lols - 5277670912
See all captions By machetematt

They All Know That Feel

mask bane Spider-Man batman - 6852972800
By Unknown

Pepper Potts Can Take Care of Herself

funny ironman Pepper Potts Can Take Care of Herself
Via iftadwascool

There Is No Move, This Was the Last Movie

bane eww food mask - 6516716288
By Nigel McGraw

I Like Having My Heroes Color-Coded

Via Texts From Superheroes

Anubis, Industrialized

best of week Fan Art mask Steampunk - 5995806976
Via Merimask

Good Point

batman mask Spider-Man Super-Lols - 5645582080
By Sup123

Walter Is Under the Mask

bane mask walter white - 6593779968
By Tankus McSpankus

The Clock Is Ticking, Twilight

art clock mask trollestia twilight sparkle zelda - 5321744384
By supreme234

The Bane of My Middle School Years

bane eww mask - 6534555392
By Unknown

Batman Time to Shave

batman beard mask Super Costume - 5693972224
By xyzpdq1

No Fair the Mask Protects Your Hair!

drive thru hair mask Spider-Man Super-Lols - 5192689664
See all captions By BretHasBones

It's Who We Are

emblem mask rainbow dash - 5091311360
By Derp-a-derp
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