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Will of the Sky

cosplay manga - 5694622976
By VongoleXfamiligia (Via LALAax)

The More You Know

comics manga - 8286309888

Saitama vs Vegeta

anime one punch man Dragon Ball Z manga - 8753060864
By Mamalugia (Via goboiano)

As Free as the Wind

cosplay inuyasha manga - 6186821120
By Rika235 (Via safiriel)

Aculy Is

manga - 8205972736
By maorows

Captain Eastwood

totally looks like attack on titan manga - 8362497536
By UACmarine208

I Don't Need Your Fawning

cosplay Kuroshitsuji manga - 5461402368
By butterflyperception (Via gk-reiko)

Hardly a Horror

cosplay manga - 5743601408
Via kifir

You Know, Celibacy Doesn't Seem so Bad

wtf gifs manga - 7796514304
By TehCoffee

The Future Isn't Decided Yet

cosplay manga x1999 - 5526697728
By butterflyperception (Via lilian-hime)

Pretty Much Sums up Beerus in a Single Sentence

anime beerus manga goku - 8795778048
By Mamalugia

When You're Rocking Out

manga - 8541525248
By Luchabro

The Joker's Thoughts on Naruto

naruto manga one piece - 8374328832

That Moment When Your Manga Shelf Gives under the Weight of a Thousand Treasures, and Your World Ends

Via whompcomic

Loreal Wants You to Get Fabulous Anime Eyes

anime eyes IRL manga - 8213673984
Via lexvexon

I Can See Russia From My House

anime cosplay hetalia manga - 5402562560
By butterflyperception