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Lord of the Rings

It's time for a Fellowship LOTR fans. If you're down with Bombadill and Ents, then you'll be doubled over laughing at these hilarious jokes all about your favorite Tolkien land. Can you truly call yourself a Lord of the Rings fan if you don't appreciate these jokes? Take the plunge and find out.

The First 'Lord of The Rings' Draft Was Ahead Of Its Time

Frodo Baggins Lord of the Rings - 7941054720
By Unknown

Who Would Trust This Guy?

books Fan Art Lord of the Rings movies sauron - 5856456192
By thesignpainter (Via infiltraitorn7)

Rivendell From 'Lord of the Rings' in 200,000 Pieces

lego The Hobbit Lord of the Rings - 7958275072
Via Laughing Squid

One Unexpected Journey, Please

Lord of the Rings Harry Potter The Hobbit fandom problems hunger games - 8160894464
By Unknown

Well That's Not Nearly as Intimidating

behind the scenes gifs Lord of the Rings - 7962301696
By Unknown

I Can't Believe the Last Book Isn't Even Out Yet!

Lord of the Rings The Hobbit web comics - 8358300672
Via Commitstrip

Tolkien Cakes Look Good Enough To Read

cake Lord of the Rings - 8234362880
Via Erdo79

Still Drinking After All These Years

Lord of the Rings Frodo Baggins - 7768886528
By Unknown


Lord of the Rings doge - 7937638400
By Keoghification (Via keoghification)

Lord of the Cards

Lord of the Rings anime Yu Gi Oh - 7671729920
By memefield

An Adventure You Say?

ponies Lord of the Rings gimme gimme gimme - 6882536704
By Bubbles26

I'm Not Listening

best of week comic comics Lord of the Rings ponies twilight sparkle - 5315508224
By Bendyrulz

The True Enemy

Lord of the Rings gaming gamers - 8189755648
By Kaktusmies


alicorn twilight Lord of the Rings friends - 7071870976
By CoobBZP (Via pixelkitties)

I Bet If Bernie Grew a Beard, He'd Get the Nomination

sometimes you need an old white guy
Via babyfacejayy

The Best Way to Redeem Tauriel

lord of the rings funny gif of evnageline lilly tauriel the elf from the hobbit trilogy making a rude gesture at thranduil the elvenking pixelated censored
Via YouTube
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