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Deleted Scenes, or Nah?

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Times Have Changed

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Superman is a d*ck

lois lane Straight off the Page superman - 8225720832
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I Hope It's For Charity Or Something

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Sexuality Is Fluid

lois lane off the page supergirl - 7907113984
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Batman Knows What He Did

batman lois lane superman - 7896673024
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Intrepid Reporting in DC Nation Short

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No One Puts Superman In The Friendzone

lois lane off the page superman - 7866874624
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Lois Lane Doesn't Like Your Attitude, Brainiac

gifs lois lane movies superman - 7763490560
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Investigative Journalist Extraordinaire

DC lois lane superman - 7652338688
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This Is Why I Watch Game Shows

wtf lois lane - 7365822720
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I Live on the Corner of Clark and Lois Lane

It Came From the It Came From the Interwebz lois lane superheroes - 6310242304
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What the Hell is Rowrrff?

cocktails lois lane Straight off the Page superman - 6009635328
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Why So Scared Batman?

batman lois lane sexy times Super-Lols superman wtf - 5921373952
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It's Like Hurr Durr Durr, Sistah!

derp lois lane Straight off the Page superman - 5304201728
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Are Your Initials L.L.? Than You're an Idiot

idiots lois lane Straight off the Page superman - 5253551616
Created by tweedletwit
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