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Scumbag Grand Councilwoman

cartoons disney lilo and stitch - 8757942016
Created by tamaleknight

What's the Lifespan of a Stitch?

cartoon memes lilo gets old

Me Most Weekday Mornings

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Have You Seen This Big Hero 6 Easter Egg?

disney memes big hero 6 mochi stitch easter egg
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What Lilo and Stitch Would Look Like IRL

disney fan art lilo and stitch realistic
Via Heather Theurer

What Does "Chimera" Mean in Hawaiian?

crossover disney anime fullmetal alchemist lilo and stitch cartoons - 8434171136
Created by DRCEQ

The Doctor and Danny

12th Doctor gifs lilo and stitch danny pink - 8342715136
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Nothing Like Him

crossover Fan Art lilo and stitch - 8287432704
Created by VinceEast ( Via vincentistria )

Make Your Own Stitch Onesie

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The Best Bad Influence

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Do You Want to Have a Sleepover?

crossover Fan Art lilo and stitch cartoons How to train your dragon - 8219297024
Via Eric Proctor

Pleakley is a Disney Princess

cartoons disney disney princesses Fan Art lilo and stitch - 8192169728
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Books are the Greatest Weapon

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Hans and Stitch

crossover cartoons disney Fan Art frozen lilo and stitch - 8124210944
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Nobody Wants to Take Responsibility for Justin Bieber

gifs lilo and stitch justin bieber - 8019057920
Created by kiwiangel

Stitches Get Snacks

cartoons disney lilo and stitch - 8003983104
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