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The LEGO Movie Got Snubbed at the Oscars

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Where Are Lyra's Pants

bon bon lego movie lyra heartstrings - 8441338880
By RagingThrash

Basically Separated at Birth

lego movie toys unikitty pinkie pie - 8101203968
By pixarpal95 (Via null)
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Did You Know These Things About the Lego Movie?

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Seriously? That's What You're Going With?

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By Unknown

Pink Posse

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By VisforYoshi (Via Morloth88)

Everything is Not Awesome!

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By pixarpal95

My Home!

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By DeathByCupcakes

Who'll Be Next

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Via Short Packed

Lego Cosplay

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Via scribblecop
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Everything Is Batman

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Go Behind the Scenes of the LEGO Movie And Watch Voice Actors Do Their Work

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Princess Luna-Kitty Is Building Quite a Fan Base... Out of Legos

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By pixarpal95 (Via pixelkitties)

Every Relationship Needs Boundaries

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Via jesusworeakanyepiece

Sweet Dreams and Nightmares All Rolled Into One

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By Unknown

Everything Is Awesome!

bon bon lyra lego movie - 8075119104
By belugatoons
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