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It Could Save Your Nerd Cred Some Day

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The Hero's Mask

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I Told You Link Was a Girl!

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Link is Going to Need Some Rupies for His Defense Lawyer

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The Legend of Zelda, Ukulele of Time

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Sorry Zelda, You're on Your Own

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Navi'll Get You Every Time

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Works Everytime

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This Cosplay is the Legend of Zelda Come to Life

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Don't Worry, Zelda U is Still Happening

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Wind Waker Time!

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Women Hate Online Dating Because Dudes are Basically Like Navi

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A Charming Legend

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Nintendo Reveals New Trailer for Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Folks Already Think It Might Be Their Best Game Yet

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This Would Make It Worth the 30 Hours

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Blurring the Lines

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