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JJ Abrams, Fixer of Your Favorite Franchises

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New From JJ Abrams: Stranger

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Don't Trust Those Star Wars Leaks; Some of Them Are Definitely Not Real

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JJ Abrams Fires Back at Zack Snyder and Gives Us a Look at the Millennium Falcon

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If JJ Abrams Had Directed the Original Trilogy

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JJ Abrams Regrets a Mistake He Made in Star Wars VII

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J.J. Abrams Speaks out About George Takei's Thoughts Regarding Gay Character in Star Trek

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The Lens Flare Strikes Back

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Star Wars Fan Gets His Wish to See an Early Cut of The Force Awakens

star wars daniel Star Wars Fan Gets His Wish to See an Early Cut of The Force Awakens
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Simon Pegg Creams the Cast of Star Trek Into Darkness

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Want to be In Star Wars? Be a Force for Change

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Think of the Lens Flares!

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Star Wars VII Lens Flare Team

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Force for Change is Offering a New Reward and a New Look at an X-Wing

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JJ Abrams is Ready to Add Lens Flares to Video Games, Working on a New Game Project, "SpyJinx"

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If You Happen to Know JJ Abrams, Make Sure He Sees These Rules for Star Wars

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