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24 memes about smartphones | thumbnail includes two pictures of memes about smertphones

Smartphone Obsession: 24 Memes for The Screen-Addicted

"This is so true" said the person reading this on their smartphone
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memes about apple and their iphone product and some common meme themes about them

We've Collected The Funniest Memes and Tweets Following Apple’s New iPhone X Launch

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Funny tweets that make a mockery of Apple's instructions for cleaning the Apple Card

Apple Roasted For Its Bougie Instructions On Cleaning The 'Apple Card'

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Future Android User

applejack iphone - 8991236864
Via Greyscale Art

Next Gen Applejack

apple applejack iphone - 8976375040
Created by bjackson92493
Jon Snow Game of Thrones iphone - 848389

Unlike Jon Snow, Siri Knows Everything About His Parents

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All to Play Pokémon Red and Blue on That iPhone

Via ASThome

Gotta Keep Those Location Services in Check, Man

Via deadpoolsheik
gifs batman iphone - 76066561

Quick! To the BatPhone

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The Crack Never Bothered Me Anyway

cartoon memes elsa cracked screen
Via youkaineko

Jon Snow is More of an Android Man

game of thrones memes season 5 sorcery confounds jon snow.
Via silverskyfall007
minecraft Video iphone - 65332481

A Guy Made a Working iPhone in Minecraft

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"This Charger Won't Work with An iRonMan 5!"

iphone deadpool iron man - 8261774336
Via deadpoolbugle

It Came From Beyond the Wall

Jon Snow behind the scenes Game of Thrones iphone - 8176107008

DIY Disney Theater

DIY iphone - 7975222528

Dang, Flash

justice league the flash iphone - 7975103232
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