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Not Even Opposable Thumbs Are Helping...

derpy hooves humanized i-just-dont-know-what-went-wrong - 8753322240
Via ereb-tauramandil [NSFW]

Little Lion Man

fan art anime style redraw simba and scar from the lion king as human japanese animation characters
Created by Art3mis ( Via YaMyo )

We All Have Hobbies

Fan Art humanized mane 6 - 8328421632
Via Chaosritter

Human Friends

make new friends but keep discord tree hugger humanized discord smooze fluttershy - 8594492928
Created by xamitlu ( Via 馨語畫音 )

Brewing Buddies

humanized zecora - 8813249536
Created by VisforYoshi ( Via Missangest )

The Queen and Her Consort

OC flufflepuff humanized dead space chrysalis changelings - 8992505088
Via Underpable

C'mere You

humanized vinyl scratch dj PON-3 octavia - 8808080384
Created by PumpkinMaker ( Via Foxgirl Kira )


applejack humanized murica apple bloom fourth of july - 8813468416
Created by DESTRUCTIONATOR ( Via Bakki )

All The Derpy's

Fan Art humanized derpy hooves - 7840503296
Created by ldmt1995

Heard Y'All Are Lookin' fer a Ship...

applejack humanized star wars ponify - 8967787520
Via Bakki

Very Stylish

humanized fluttershy rainbow dash - 8275600896
Created by kitty_raritymew33 ( Via semehammer )

We Fugged Up

humanized princess luna MLB fluttershy - 8752343552
Created by NaClson ( Via kprovido )

A Villianous Lot

sombra nightmare moon humanized discord chrysalis - 8793946112
Created by VisforYoshi ( Via Sunny Q )

My Little Mages

applejack the great and powerful trixie nightmare moon humanized discord pinkamena diane pie Sweetie Belle derpy hooves twilight sparkle apple bloom zecora pinkie pie princess luna Big Macintosh rarity princess celestia fluttershy Scootaloo rainbow dash - 8965730816
Created by DerpyNight ( Via )

Lyra Simulator

equestria girls humanized lyra heartstrings rarity The Little Mermaid bon bon - 8762301184
Via Double W Brothers

Ready for Some Science?

humanized twilight sparkle science - 8819812352
Created by VisforYoshi ( Via Marenlicious )