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10 obscure facts about harry potter | thumbnail includes three pictures including the deathly hallows cover a dementor and Dolores Umbridge

Revelio: Unveiling Harry Potter Secrets That Even Potterheads Might Miss

Expecto surprises!
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20 easter eggs from iron man 2 | thumbnail includes a picture of iron man

Marvel Rewatch: 20 Easter Eggs from Every MCU Movie - Iron Man 2

Did you know Howard the Duck was in this movie? (kinda)
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Al ist of 20 of the Most Obscure MCU Easter Eggs | thumbnail includes two pictures including marvel easter eggs

20 of the Most Obscure MCU Easter Eggs Only True Fans Will Know

How many of these did you know?
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Hide and Seek

misdreavus anime hidden - 6795600128
Created by HeinousActsZX

I Can Think of One Place

best of week gameplay hidden - 5704053760
Created by jpjr17

I'm Waiting...

gameplay hidden waiting - 5625542656
Created by Watt