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Uncle Heavy Needs You!

best of week Fan Art heavy medic sniper Team Fortress 2 TF2 Uncle Sam video game - 5423112960
By Sherbie

Together Forever

heavy gifs medic pinkie pie Team Fortress 2 - 6831218688
By SynSpec
heavy twilight sparkle videos Team Fortress 2 - 51095553

Twilight Answers Heavy's Question!

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Baloney Is Perfect Fuel for Killing Tiny Cowards

best of week Fan Art heavy TF2 video games - 5533877760
By lrregular (Via mishinsilo)

Heavy Is a Brony

heavy horses pinkie pie ponies twilight sparkle - 5080737792

We Make Good Team

art fluttershy heavy - 5481864192
By PoneHLover (Via

Mercy Can't Touch This

overwatch halloween tf2
Via coca_next

Twilight is Best Heavy

comics heavy Team Fortress 2 twilight sparkle - 6424905728
By DJNightmar3

When You Listen to MLP Songs

heavy gifs Team Fortress 2 - 7388102400
By TehCoffee

Sloganmaker Strikes Again

heavy orbital friendship cannon Team Fortress 2 sloganmaker - 7096786432
By Charelz
heavy team fortress videos - 55551233

Lay Off the Sandwiches

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