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Powers Combined: Also the Power to Beat Discord

captain planet comics fire heart moustache spike - 5221376256
By brotherbear92

Twilight Sparkle vs. the World

crossover heart love twilight sparkle - 5588558336
By Unknown

So, My Friend Asked Me What "Kiseijuu" Was About...

heart puns - 8416803840
By Unknown

Aquaman Kills With Love

Via LegoDimensions

Because It's as Hard as a Diamond

batman catwoman heart Straight off the Page - 5452427776
By xyzpdq1

It's a Serious Medical Emergency

Via Doctor Who Fans

Just Little Things

heart wtf anime - 8085723904
By maorows

Dude, Just Run the New Heart as an x86 Vm

Via thingsinsquares

Just Be Quick About It

eww heart Super-Lols tony stark - 6196564480
By hungryoctopus

Use It Wisely

Fan Art heart Valentines day video games - 5797226752
By MystiKaiser (Via

Re-Frame: I've Got a Fairy so NBD

Fan Art heart Whovian - 6195011328
By MavrikM

The Perfect Vase For The Creepiest Valentine

geeky merch anatomical heart vase for valentine's day
Via Dellamorteco on Etsy


explode heart discord - 6986460928
By EdgeRibbon

Raindown Dash In Luna Eclipsed

costume cute heart IRL luna eclipsed Pillow rainbow dash - 5390359040
By Unknown

Scumbag Heart Strikes Again

heart hnnng heart attack funny - 7471335168
By Unknown

We're Talking About THIS

comic comics heart SpongeBob SquarePants - 5845112576
By Templar395
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