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You're Definitely Safe in Britain

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Wibbly Wobbly Magicy Wagicy Stuff

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Definitely Adorable and Cute

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Headcanon Accepted

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Quite the High 'N Mighty Order

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Tweet of the Day: J.K. Rowling’s Perfect Response to a Question About Dumbledore’s Sexuality

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These Race-Bent Harry Potter Characters are JK Rowling Approved

jk rowling and fans imagine non white harry potter characters
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I Dumbledo What I Want

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How Perfect is This IRL Harry Potter?

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JK Rowling Announced a New Harry Potter Play on Twitter

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Ok But When Will He Name One After His OTP Ship Name?

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To Be Fair, I'll Never Forget It

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Mike Evans' Harry Potter Groom's Cake Makes Him Your New Favorite NFL Player

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Your Marriage is Worth the Most Points With This Snitch-Like Engagement Ring

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If Only She Had Also Done No One

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This Guy Loves Harry Potter Way More Than You Do

Harry Potter world record - 8335787520
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