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Han Solo

I Asked Her How She Liked Her Eggs, She Said 'Unfertilized'

star wars puns Han Solo - 7691183360
By Unknown
movies played by good actors

Roles that Were Perfect For the Actor That Played Them

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He Must Use Those Compartments for Smuggling

scifi star wars cars Han Solo - 7494831872
By TheAlmightyYulian

Little Did You Know, You Already Had a Han Solo Halloween Costume in Your Closet!

Han Solo star wars scifi - 8364200704

Scumbag Solo

star wars Han Solo - 7765140992
By Unknown

Han Celebrated First

Han Solo hanukkah star wars - 5596985344
By Unknown

Honestly Don't Know Who I'm Rooting For In This Situation

Via judgmentday206

Where Did Doop Get Those?

shield legend of zelda doop Han Solo - 6781142784
Via MIchael Walsh
Han Solo dorkly star wars - 62389249

Don't You Dare for a Second Think Han Doesn't Shoot First

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Breaking News: Han Solo is a Terrible Shot

star wars blaster shot infographic han terrible shot
Via TroelsHundtofte

Greedo Shot Never

Han Solo star wars greedo - 7980617728
By Unknown

Set Phasers to LOL: Star Wars Vs. Avengers

avengers comparison Han Solo hulk loki luke skywalker star wars tom hiddleston tony stark - 6227786752
star wars dad jokes

Dad Joke Han Solo Is the Reason Kylo Ren Joined the Dark Side

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New Guardians of the Galaxy Poster

Han Solo guardians of the galaxy - 8221641728
By Rafael_R (Via ahagotit)

Give That Scruffy Looking Fella a Good Scrub

puns hands bathroom Han Solo - 7026681344
By Unknown

Someone Shoot First

Awesome Art deadpool Han Solo star wars - 5699363072
By thesignpainter
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