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Gravity Falls Meets Spider-Man

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Gravity Falls/Regular Show Crossover!

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Bill Cipher in R&M

rick and morty crossover gravity falls - 8566929408
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Thomas Jefferson Was WHAT?

cartoon memes thomas jefferson kids in a coat

When Someone Asks If You're 'a Little Old to be Watching Cartoons'

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Mabel Inspired Rainbow Cupcakes

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Sick Burn

cartoon memes gravity falls poophead
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the Gist of Gravity Falls

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Steven U and Gravity Falls Return July 13th!

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You Need a Reason?

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It Don't Mean a Thing If It Ain't Got That Swing

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I'm Not Convinced Gravity Falls is for Kids

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Me In Every Meeting, Class, Interview, Etc. Ever

cartoon memes i am pretending to write something down gravity falls
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He's Back!

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Gravity Falls, Not What He Seems, New Questions

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How Every Spell Should Start

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