Geek Universe


Whatever it is...

gif twilight sparkle hnnng cute - 7141141504
By Qwertzuy

Special Talent: Faceplants

gif apple bloom - 7824770304
By maorows

The Derp Intensifies

derp gif pinkie pie - 8033004800
Via null

Do We Have the Speed Bump Repellent, Batman?

gif batman funny g rated - 7728328448
By Unknown

The Rarity is Eternal!

gif rarity power ponies - 7968434432
By BloodyThumbsDown (Via DerpiCDN)


gif derpy hooves muffins - 8128491008
By DeadlyComics (Via deadlycomics)

Pinkie Pie Can Fly! It's Canon

gif fly pinkie pie - 8037192960
By BETAchocolate

Excitable Fluttershy

excited gif fluttershy - 8024804096
By DeathByCupcakes

Great Minds

cosplay deadpool gif the joker - 7936589312
By Unknown

Party Scrunchy

daring do gif - 7949188608
By maorows

Daring Dash

daring do gif rainbow dash - 7948120064
By jinacio

I Told You, Bro!

party favor gif stairs - 8474977024
By maorows (Via derpibooru)

Zombie Stomp

gif zombie The Walking Dead - 8013830656
By Unknown

Even Pegasi Get Wingboners

gif hoof rarity - 7990008832
By amokoma

Birthday's At The Office

agent coulson cake gif agents of shield - 7963866624
By Unknown

Gummy Is Empty

gummy gif - 7930541824
By Nicolas_M