Geek Universe


It Just Got Real

gif Pokémon anime mewtwo - 8298655488
Created by Houndoom-Kaboom

Unimpressed Luna

gif bored now princess luna - 8173298176
Created by jr71313


gif derpy hooves muffins - 8128491008
Created by DeadlyComics ( Via deadlycomics )

Where is This Gif Taken From?

gif anime - 8117038336
Created by YakuzaDuragon

Is This Him?

boulder gif pinkie pie - 8110073088
Created by Nicolas_M

Applejack: Now With Quadruple the Lightsabers

gif applejack lightsaber - 8100849664
Created by maorows ( Via Equestria Daily )

Apple Bloom is the New Dexter

murder gif apple bloom - 8099060480
Created by maorows

DJ Pon-3 Is The Next Key

gif foreshadowing vinyl scratch - 8081447424
Created by Unknown

Thinking About Twilight Time

gif that looks naughty apple bloom - 8077018368
Created by maorows

Fluttershy Just Don't Care

gif haters fluttershy - 8071725312
Created by DeathByCupcakes

Funkadelic R2

bass gif r2d2 - 7948761344
Created by Unknown

Fluttershy Prepares Herself

gif plot fluttershy - 8064575232
Created by Bendyrulz

Fluttershy Eating Ice Cream

fluttershy gif Fan Art ice cream - 8053350912
Created by maorows ( Via nekokevin )


gif applejack fan service - 8047916544
Created by maorows

Deal With It

spike gif Deal With It - 8051249152
Created by Spike_PI

Pinkie Pie Can Fly! It's Canon

gif fly pinkie pie - 8037192960
Created by BETAchocolate